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Reward System

At Chiltern Edge School our rewards system aims to encourage pupils to aspire for the very highest standards and celebrate and reward the variety of successes that our students achieve on a daily basis. To support this, our students receive House points as a reward for good and outstanding achievements. Each student’s House points are recorded via our schools SIMS network and shared with pupils in tutor time.

To celebrate our students successes further, the total number of House points awarded to each house, in each half term will be added up and their totals displayed on the canteen TV’s. This will allow House point totals to be celebrated at the end of each half term in House assemblies.

In addition, a top attendance award is also awarded each fortnight to the tutor group with the best attendance in each House. This tutor group is awarded a box of chocolates and a small trophy (which will move with each winner).

House points may be awarded for any of the following achievements:

1-3 House Points 4-5 House Points 6-10 House Points
Great piece of classwork/homework

Outstanding/good contribution to learning in a lesson (answer to a question, group work, supporting a peer)

Valuable contribution to a lesson that is beyond the norm (for example -staying behind to clear up)

Outstanding/high level of work completed in a lesson

Achieving straight 4’s when on report (this may be over an extended period of lessons)

Regularly producing work at target level
Brilliant extended project/coursework

Regular attendance at school club (e.g representing school in extracurricular PE regularly)

Speaking in assembly

Contribution to school through house & school councils/power group

Outstanding/ Model work

100% attendance for a whole term

Consistently positive approach/attitude to learning over a period of lessons

Producing work beyond target level

Act of courage eg, preventing a fight
Being a guide on Open Evening/helping to organise a school event

Volunteering at school clubs for an extended period of time

Performing the role of a mentor prefect for an extended period of time

Contributing to school show or regularly representing the school in more than 1 sports team

100% attendance for a whole school year