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Pathways and Options

We are entering a very important phase for students in Year 9. This is the point in the year when you start to choose your Pathways for Key Stage 4.

There are a number of steps which you and the school go through.
These include:

  • Information and guidance in your Year 9 Report and the Pathways booklet which have been issued already
  • Research by you during ICT into careers and appropriate subjects and qualifications needed
  • Support available from Mrs Adamson and David Aldridge (Adviza) in the Connexions Office
  • Advice and guidance from your subject teachers as to the most appropriate courses and levels for you to follow
  • You will have the opportunity to discuss with your form tutor, fellow students and the staff which courses are most appropriate for you before this is signed off in a meeting with you (and your parents if necessary) in March
  • Throughout the consultation period parents are more than welcome to contact Head of House or other staff to discuss specific issues.

Any general documentation which is issued to students will be available via the list below. Documents specific to individual students will be issued directly to them in person. This list will grow as more materials are added and resources made available.

It is a good place for you and your parents to start the decision making process: