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Miss K Hurd
Acting Head of Science

Mrs J McKenzie

Mr J Howey

Mrs L Offer

Miss M Tustian
Teacher of Science and Maths

Mrs J Evans
Teacher of Science and PE

Mrs S Newton
Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Bosley
Senior Technician

Mrs D Collins

The Science department at Chiltern Edge School provides all the necessary skills for the future scientists. It is an innovative department and it challenges the young students that are eager to gain the knowledge and understanding of the world around us.

A thematic approach is used to deliver science to students in Years 7, 8 and 9. Pupils gain skills and understanding of key concepts and process in science through the teaching of the topics.
Each topic includes regular assessments and peer and self assessment is used throughout in order for the students to monitor their progress throughout the year. Following directions from the new government strategy, each unit includes “Assessing Pupils Progress (APP)” tasks which will be levelled. The APP assessment criteria includes -Thinking Scientifically, Applications and Implications of Science, Communication, Investigative Approaches, Working Critically with Evidence.

Revision Ideas
As well as the activities available on SAM learning, the following websites will be of use :-

Link 1 - This webpage includes many past exam papers for English, Maths and Science, complete with mark schemes. The Science papers are at the bottom.

Link 2 - BBC bitesize has excellent revision notes, activities and tests which will help consolidate learning.

Link 3 - Typing "KS3 bitesize" into Youtube (this link takes you there directly) will provide many good summary videos of key concepts.

Also, revision guides are available from the prep room for £2.75.

For more information on the Edexcel GCSE qualification, please click here.