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Departments - Performing Arts


Mr T Harte
Head of Performing Arts
Drama Teacher

Miss P Gardner
Dance Teacher

Miss C Fay
Music Teacher

Department Aims:

  • To cultivate a love of the performing arts.
  • To inspire learners to experiment and try new and diverse forms of expression.
  • To cultivate a social acceptance and respect of individuals and celebrate diversity.
  • To foster the idea that ANYONE can be good at Drama and/or Dance and that talent is nothing without hard work, determination, commitment and perseverance.
  • To develop a wide range of performance skills.
  • To explore social issues and the world around us through drama and dance.
  • To explore drama and dance as discreet art forms and explore subject specific history, practices and developments.
  • To provide students with the opportunity to see live theatre/dance and work with professional practitioners and companies.
  • To develop analytical, evaluative and reflective thinkers.
  • To inspire a mature practice and liking of constructive criticism as a means to constantly develop and improve.
  • To differentiate teaching and learning to enable all students to achieve and be challenged.
  • To constantly revise and reflect on practice and schemes of work to ensure that the departments approach to teaching Drama and Dance is contemporary and accessible for its learners.
  • To constantly work towards achieving excellence in teaching and learning through sharing good practice and regular monitoring and evaluation sessions.
  • To positively contribute to the corporate life of the school.
  • To forge cross curricula links with other departments.
  • To encourage participation in extra curricula activities.
  • To continually endever to expand Drama and Dance facilities and provisions for students within the school.
  • To encourage a social acceptance and respect of individuals and celebrate diversity within group work.
  • Foster aspects of students growth outside of skills based learning. In particular, the combination and control of their physical, intellectual and emotional well being and their ability to work in groups, whilst being sensitive to the ideas and feelings of others (SEAL + PLTS).