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Departments - English


Ms L Edmond
Head of Department

Ms R Regan
Second in Charge of Department

Ms P Kelly
Deputy Head and Teacher of English

Mrs B Ilderton
Special Educational Needs Coordinator and Teacher of English

Mr J Murphy
Teacher of English

Miss W Suleyman
Teacher of English

Mr W Bowden-Green
Teacher of English

The Department

The English Department aims to empower pupils with a mastery of language, a critical eye to apply to their reading and an ability to communicate effectively in the world outside school. We also aim to enrich pupils’ school experience through the study of great literature and the opportunity to produce texts for real audiences and real purposes with a focus on new media and modern forms of communication, demonstrating to them where their skills are useful in their real lives.

We are a dynamic team of teachers with high expectations of ourselves and our classes, committed to helping all pupils make the best possible progress during their time with us by providing an innovative and challenging curriculum.

At Key Stage 3 our pupils experience a varied diet of prose, drama and poetry with a focus on modern texts to really engage them, but without forgetting the need to imbue them with a sense of the English literary heritage and the origins of the language we use today. Similarly, we believe that the variety of text-types studied (ranging from epic poetry, ballads and sonnets to articles and speeches, novels and short stories) gives all pupils the breadth of experience required to really understand and appreciate the many applications of language they encounter on a daily basis.

Moving on to Key Stage 4, our pupils will be following the Edexcel English Language and English Literature Specifications for the new 9-1 GCSE. These specifications are new for 2015 and represent an exciting departure for GCSE English, with an even greater focus on literacy and functional skills, along with British and literary heritage texts, with poetry dating back to 1789. There will no longer be controlled assessment in GCSE English, with all students studying the course for two years and being assessed through examinations at the end of the course. We believe these specifications offer pupils a great opportunity to leave us with excellent English and study skills from which they will really benefit whether they choose to enter Further Education, training or the world of work.


The English department offers excellent facilities for pupils to learn in. Classrooms in close proximity to both the School Library and the Open Learning Centre, which hosts a suite of computers, means that pupils are able to enjoy excellent facilities in which to further their studies of English.

Enrichment, Gifted and Talented, and Special Educational Needs Provision

The English Department offers a varied diet of enrichment activities and opportunities for pupils with particular aptitudes to shine:

  • A variety of theatre trips are available across all years, offering pupils both an enriching experience and an important learning opportunity.
  • Every year, a selection of pupils is invited to take part in the Carnegie Book Award Shadowing Group, a demanding activity where pupils must read 6 or 7 books in a short space of time, discuss them and decide on a winner by debating with their peers.
  • The school’s excellent and long-held tradition of Public Speaking gives every pupil the experience of speaking in public, but also offers those who excel the opportunity to perform in front of large groups and go forward to an external competition at which we always perform well.
  • Excellent support from CSD (Curriculum Support Department) - the presence of the Special Educational Needs Coordinator in the Department, a dedicated English Department Learning Support Assistant and regular assistance from our EAL (English as an Additional Language) Support Assistant means that pupils in need of additional support in English are also catered for.