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Staff Contact List
Name Job Title Email
Daniel Sadler Headteacher dsadler@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Pauline Kelly Deputy Headteacher pkelly@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Mollie Tustian Assistant Headteacher mtustian@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Emma Bliss Assistant Headteacher ebliss@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Vicki Matthews Personal Assistant of the Headteacher vmatthews@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Paul Hancock Strategic Information Manager phancock@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Carolyn Ventress School Business Manager cventress@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Pam Caudle Data Manager/Admissions pcaudle@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Angela Adamson Work Experience Co-ordinator/careers aadamson@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Hannah Reilly/Anita Wiggins Exams Officer hreilly@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Sam Hancock Pupil Services Administrator shancock@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Tracey Withers Pastoral Support Manager twithers@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Simon Guest Site Manager sguest@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Kevin Nutt School Sports Co-Ordinator knutt@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Head of House    
Sue Leavett Head of Draco House sleavett@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Rob Perry Head of Lyra House rperry@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Mark Yarwood Head of Orion House myarwood@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Dave Luke Head of Pegasus House dluke@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Head of Department    
Leigh Edmond Head of English ledmond@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Jonathan Robinson Acting Head of Maths jrob2221@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Kath Heaton Head of Science kheaton@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Saira Ghani Head of Modern Foreign Languages sghani@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Ben Gregory Head of Humanities bgregory@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Tom Harte Head of Performing Arts tharte@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Jade Evans Head of PE jevans@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Barry Kelly Head of Art, Design & Technology bkelly@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk
Becky Ilderton Head of CSD/SENCO rilderton@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk